Company Profile

  • Incorporation :  4 August 2015
  • Capital :  10 Million Baht

On January 2004, Toei Electric System Co., Ltd. was established by the capital of 10 million yen. The company started the business on serving construction of electric power, electric line and maintenance services.

On 24th July 2008, Kantou Maintenance Co., Ltd. had established for expansion the construction and maintenance business all over the Kanto area.

On 4th August 2015, Kantou Maintenance Asia Co., Ltd. has been established with the capital of 10 million baht in Thailand as a business of electric system installation and maintenance for electric train worldwide especially for any project in Asia zone.

  • Employees :  35 employees

Engineers: 2 Engineers

OCS Special Technicians:  31 Technicians

All special technicians in Kantou Maintenance Asia Co., Ltd. has been trained at least 2 years, and have direct experience of construction and maintenance for OCS works.

Licenses & Certificates:

      • Certificate of Crane Operator
      • Certificate of Heavy Machine Operator
      • Certificate of Safety Officer at Management Level
      • Certificate of Safety Officer at Supervisor Level
      • Certificate of Safety Officer at Technical Level
      • Certificate of Safety in Working with Electricity for Employees

Administrators & Officers:  4 Officers

Message from Managing Director


Nowadays, many countries around the world have a major concern of environmental issues caused by over-emission of carbonyloxies which came from vehicles or electric produced from Lignite. As a result, these situations will lead to serious problems and long-term damages on people’s health and well-being.

Therefore, many countries in Asia may seriously choose green energy such as electricity instead of fuel in their mass transit systems.

Currently, Kantou Maintenance Asia Co., Ltd. (KMA) is a specialist in electric mass transit installation and maintenance services since we have been completed successfully extensively in Japan.  Moreover, we have good relationships with Japanese manufactures and electric railway companies for a long period.

KMA’s goal is to provide high technologies of mass transit system to Thailand as well as the other countries to be able to improve the countries together simultaneously. Therefore, in our first step, we aim to start in Thailand by pioneering electric mass transit system with our specialized technical training center. Then, spread out the technology to Asia.

KMA does not only aim to raise the standard of electric train system in Thailand, but also aim to improve the potential of human to meet international standard.

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