Maintenance Service for Electric Railway (Overhead Catenay System - OCS)

  • Our professions are maintenance service for electric railway especially for OCS or overhead catenary system.
  • Maintenance is really important for electric railway due to the matter of time and usage which we have both Japanese and Thai technicians to cover this kind of work.
  • Our Thai technicians have been trained for 1 to 6 months training course both in Thailand and in Japan to provide the best production.
  • Items for maintenance include OCS mast, cantilever, feeder wire arm, feeder insulator, beam, steel structure support, disconnecting switch, weight tension balancer, OCR, feeder wire, AEW wire, contact wire, messenger wire, etc.

New OCS Construction Work

  • Construction and Installation of new overhead catenary system for railway.
  • Relocation and modification of existing OCS routes.
  • Refurbishment works related to modification of other facilities.

Survey and Inspection for Maintenance Work

  • Monitoring of the status of power lines under business rail operation, visual inspection patrol Verification of the equipment around the pantographs after the business rail operation hours by means of close proximity inspection approach
  • Inspecting of individual numerical control with use of instruments; inspecting of line crossover; inspecting of trolley line wear; inspecting of railroad power line elevation; inspecting and cleaning of porcelain insulators; inspecting and cleaning of sectioning points; inspecting of automatic tensioning systems etc.
  • Conducting records control based on various inspection data to identify weak points of line sections and planning for repairing work

Training Course for Thai Technicians

  • Learning about technical terms that essential to OCS installation and maintenance work including safety and Japanese language.
  • Training will be done both in Thailand and Japan. Now, we already have a training center in Japan which we can teach Thai technicians to be able to perform this work in Thailand.
  • Training Topics include Japanese language, basic knowledge of electric train, OCS installation, OCS maintenance work, etc.